Teeth and dental work in celebrities typically goes under the radar. Recently critics and Youtubers fill in the general public on what celebrities do for their appearance. This includes plastic surgeries, hiring professional makeup artists, and photoshop to achieve the perfect look.

Barely any celebrities talk about the cosmetic surgeries they get done. Even less out of that small portion of celebrities open up about getting dental work, like veneers, for their smiles.

On January 15, the former Cheetah Girl star and Daytime Talk Show host, Adrienne Bialon filled in her Youtube subscribers on her dental trauma. After having her veneers recently replaced, she opened about her experience on her second Youtube channel, “Love Always, Adrienne.”

She began by mentioning “61% of Americans are actually unhappy with their teeth and their smile” while “78% of people judge you if they think you got busted teeth.”

“Busting” Her Teeth

She recapped the story of how her teeth got “busted” during a serious game of hide and seek with her sister in the fourth grade. At the time, her mother left the two of them home as she was in a church meeting across the street. 

According to Adrienne, she ran into the bathroom, closed the door before her sister could open the bathroom door and “somehow ya girl ate the porcelain of the toilet.”

Low and behold, her tooth cracked, broke and her nerve was dangling from her gums. Adrienne said having her nerves exposed felt “like electricity.”

She noted that she “couldn’t let my saliva touch the nerves or else I literally felt, like excruciating pain.”

Bialon went on to talk about how she got two full root canals done by NYU students. Universities with dentistry training programs typically offer reduced prices for low income families or patients with no insurance. Bialon also shared a story of her classmate’s reactions to her “chicklet” teeth.

Adrienne became embarrassed by her dead teeth and gums. As time went on, she would subconsciously try not showing her mouth when excited or singing passionately. She got veneers on her first 6 or 8 teeth after the second Cheetah Girls movie came out. This was right before shooting for the third movie began.

Ten Years Later

Shockingly no one told Adirenne she would need to get her teeth redone every ten years. She only found this out when she noticed spacing between her crowns and gums. 

Celebrities are expected to have unachievable features for the general public’s viewing. This includes their teeth, with pearly whites being the golden standard and anything else being alien in the celebrity sphere.

However, Adrienne realized she needed her veneers redone due to a childhood incident. Now her intention isn’t just to not have busted teeth, it is for her son, Ever, to grow up to her familiar smile. 

Bialon mentioned the importance of going to a female doctor. Her doctor would have to understand the “feminine, natural, youthful” look she wanted in her soon to be renewed smile. She also wanted to feel secure in her smile and Dr. Victoria Veytsman helped Adrienne achieve just that.

Despite Adrienne and many others having fears of going to the dentist, a confident and healthy smile is valuable. After all, a healthy, confident smile is far more attainable than the beauty standards magazines in society would give women. Especially the beauty standards society has for Latinas.

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Nicole-Antoinette Urbina-Ruiz
Nicole-Antoinette is Wafi Media's Editor in Chief and a senior at McDaniel College. She will be graduating this Spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science specializing in International Studies. She also works at the McDaniel College Writing Center as an Associate Peer Tutor. Outside of her work with Wafi and college life, Nicole-Antoinette is an avid singer, runner and outspoken advocate for the Latine and immigrant community. Nicole-Antoinette is passionate about issues relating to immigration, human rights, social justice, and latino culture. She hopes to attend and earn a JD at law school in order to serve the immigrant community through her practice of law.