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Paquini Yancuic Xihuitl! Or, Feliz Año! Happy New Year according to the Aztec Calendar!

The Aztecs were a culturally rich and sophisticated civilization that notably kept a very close record of time as they saw it. To them, time was a force that provided energy to the universe, and they viewed time as a vehicle of creation, destruction, and regeneration.

Because of this, they followed a 365-day calendar that consisted of two parts running simultaneously. The first, Xiuhpohualli, meaning year count, and the second, Tonalpohualli, was for ‘counting the days’ and consisted of a 260-day ritual cycle. This system of time measurement led the Aztecs to believe that specific dates & periods of the year could have effects on a number of things; the success of harvests, the prosperity of a ruler’s reign, and one’s personality traits to name a few. Instead of separating their zodiac signs by month, they had a special system that allocated 2-3 dates from each month to each zodiac. 

Zodiacs from the Team!

Rafael Fernandez Jr., Co-Host, CEO

Dec. 27th- The Deer (Mázatl)

Starting strong, Rafael was born under the sign of the Deer! People born under this sign are typically quick thinkers who are highly sociable. They strive to fulfill promises both professional and personal, and are characterized as tenacious and genuinely spiritual.

Daisy Tornel- Co-Host

Jun. 15th- The Home (Calli)

The Home has a tendency to love others and is rarely lonely due to their strong familial connections. They love sticking to a routine that helps dispel uncertainties and doubts. There is typically a sweet feminine energy in people born under this sign.

Madison Hernandez- Writer

Mar. 25th- The Snake (Coátl)

Madison was born under the sign of the Snake, which means she is very loyal and powerful. People born under this sign are very sincere to others and through that tend to acquire authority. The sign of the Snake brings with it a great deal of respect and admiration from those around those born on days of the Snake.

Natalia Arreola- Writer

Nov. 12th- The Rabbit (Tochtli)  

This sign has a reputation for producing hard workers that are highly sociable. These people like to have control over their life and typically dislike conflict. People born under the sign of the Rabbit usually attract luck and love the pleasures of life.

Jessica Montalvo- Writer

Jan. 29th- The Cayman (Cipactli)

The Cayman represents agility and strength. People born under this sign tend to think logically and are good at organizing and analyzing and work hard to provide security for those close to them. They are drawn to humanitarian aid projects and strive to nurture those around them.



To learn more about the Sun Calendar the Aztec’s used to track their years and zodiacs, click here!

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