Memorial Day is the day in which the United States honors those who have given the ultimate sacrifice during their service to our nation. Wafi Media appreciates all who are called to this cause, but we find it especially crucial to acknowledge the men and women who have passed during their time of service on this day. 

There are not a lot of spaces which highlight latinos in the Armed Forces even though we make up 16% of all Active-Duty Military, according to the Department of Defense. Latinos truly contribute a vital piece to the meaning and upkeep of American values within the armed forces. As the Latino community intersects with the armed forces, Wafi Media would like to commemorate the bravery and the ultimate sacrifice made by those who have passed while serving in the armed forces. 

In honor of those who have died serving in the United States armed forces, Wafi Media chose three non-profit organizations within the United States whose purpose is to serve those who serve us. Wafi Media chose these three organizations because their purpose is to serve those with visible and invisible disabilities as a result of their time served in addition to the continual connection of current service members and their families; a luxury that not all service members have had the opportunity to have. We decided to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Phone Home, and the Canine Connection program.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that helps both veterans and active duty service members with their invisible disabilities both directly through group or grassroots support, and by means of government policy. The Canine Connection Program is also a nonprofit organization which seeks to achieve trauma recovery by means of trained pups who help veterans reintegrate into civilian life. Finally, Operation Phone Home is a United Service Organization that helps those currently in their service term make a phone or video call home; a luxury that not all passed veterans had the opportunity of making.

As a whole, Wafi Media donated a total of $254 to these three nonprofit organizations under our CEO, Rafael Fernandez Jr.’s name as he served for two years in the Navy. Although he did not lose his life during his service, Wafi Media wants to show its support for those carrying on the torch within the armed forces for those who had their journey cut far too short. This donation is in honor of all who are celebrated on memorial day, especially those within our beloved Latino and Hispanic communities. 

Vete con nuestras condolencias. Ellos que han pasado, nuestras gracias por su servicio. 

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Nicole-Antoinette Urbina-Ruiz
Nicole-Antoinette is Wafi Media's Editor in Chief and a senior at McDaniel College. She will be graduating this Spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science specializing in International Studies. She also works at the McDaniel College Writing Center as an Associate Peer Tutor. Outside of her work with Wafi and college life, Nicole-Antoinette is an avid singer, runner and outspoken advocate for the Latine and immigrant community. Nicole-Antoinette is passionate about issues relating to immigration, human rights, social justice, and latino culture. She hopes to attend and earn a JD at law school in order to serve the immigrant community through her practice of law.