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As graduation season was in session these past couple of weeks, there was a lot of celebrating and joy to be passed out. People shared their videos and pictures of their big day. People are proud of their accomplishments and there is no shame in it. It takes a lot of work and effort to graduate from High School, College, or schooling experience. 

One recurring trending post that brought me to tears was the trend with first-generation children taking off their caps, soles, cords, and gowns and putting them on their parents. The graduates would take pictures with their parents and then they would slowly take their cap off and place it on their mothers. The sole of their fathers, with the caption saying “This degree is not just mine but theirs as well.” 

It is amazing seeing this especially since many of our Latino parents did not have the opportunity to receive an education or even go to school to learn the basics. But as children and the next generation, we have the opportunity to honor our parent’s sacrifice and show them what we are capable of doing. To show them that they worked hard so we can have a better chance. 

It’s a happy moment seeing people of our community graduate and accomplish the impossible but also in doing so honoring the sacrifices of their families. I hope this trend stays forever, especially as more and more Latinos are graduating. It gives many people the motivation to continue studying because it is difficult. There are nights when you feel like giving up and the classes are hard but the reward will be worth all of it. 

@huerta_jesss without you 2 none of this would’ve been possible, I love you ❤️ #chicostategrad #1stgeneration #fyp #classof2022 ♬ Dos Oruguitas – Sebastián Yatra

@kvmrll my dad didn’t think i was gonna give him my gown :,) #fyp #graduation #classof2022 #mexican ♬ Follow me on ig nola.lyric1 – 💰.

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Daniela Hernandez Ayala
Daniela Hernandez Ayala is a first-generation college student at McDaniel College pursuing a B.A in Political Science and Spanish. She is also minoring in Sociology. Daniela’s goal is to get her JD in either the Immigration or Criminal Law Field. She wants to dedicate her life to her community and the people who suffer from the oppressed and unjust society. Her passion has always been words whether that is in books or writing. She enjoys the escape from reality that can be found in words. She wants to use this skill she is learning to bring awareness to the Latino Community.