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America Recycling Day is the only nationally recognized day to encourage Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. It is celebrated each year on November 15, and the day is all about recycling-  how to recycle, which recycled products to buy, and how to reduce waste.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 70% of the waste in America is recyclable. What does this tell us? We need to be aware and help to make conscious decisions for our planet since most of our products can be turned into something else. 

How to Celebrate National Recycling Day

National Recycling Day offers many opportunities to get involved and connect with the day. Consider implementing these three easy ideas for celebrating and helping National Recycling Day:

  1. Have a Recycling Reboot
    Sometimes we have only one trash can for all our waste. Therefore, there is no division between plastic, paper, or other products. With this in mind, let’s consider having four bins to start contributing to recycling.

    -Paper-Soft Plastics-Glass-Food Waste/ OrganicThis will allow differences between each type of waste with the least effort on our part.

  2. Give Your Clothing a Second Life
    Stop throwing away clothing and household textiles. Find a local clothing recycler or donate to your local thrift store. Clothing shouldn’t belong in the trash.
  3. Raise Awareness
    Raising awareness within our community allows more to join this day. Participating and sharing ideas or tips will help make more people aware of recycling and its importance. Share your recycling activities with your community, or volunteer at recycling events.


These ideas are simple since we must start with ourselves first. Educate yourself about this day and share your experience with your community. We can change our lifestyle today and every day of the year. Every day counts for recycling, let’s start from there.

Share your recycling activities with your community, or volunteer at recycling events!


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