There are so many things I have learned since becoming a first time homeowner almost three years ago. As I’ve been learning, I realized there were things I wish I had known sooner than when I did. This is a list of five things that you definitely need to know about for when you become a homeowner; things I wish I knew.

  1. Invest in some tools – I’m still trying to build my collection. I could really use a power drill, of which I still do not have. You definitely want to have your basic tool kit for small jobs around the house. I’ve learned so much that this is pretty much required for every home. Also a step ladder would be helpful to change lightbulbs, hang pictures, etc.
  2. Complete one project at a time – Once you move in, even despite having that inspection, you’re going to find things that you will need to do, replace, upgrade, fix, etc. You will be overwhelmed, too. But tackle one thing at a time. There are projects that can wait, and others that should not wait.
  3. Air filter – The air filter fits inside a designated space within your furnace. Its basic function is to clean the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system. The filter traps and collects particles that could affect your health and comfort, including dust, dirt, and pollen. It must be changed every three months. Who knew? Not me. It was actually my brother who literally made me feel like a complete idiot after he made it seem as if I was supposed to know about the frequency of how often I’m to be changing this thing. This is why I’m sharing this with you. Put it as a reminder on your phone to change it every three months!
  4. Learn how to turn off your water valves – not all homes are created equal. My home has valves in several places that specifically function to that designated space. Make sure you know where yours are located.
  5. Find a Handyman – Believe it or not, a handyman is harder to find than not. If you can find a handyman to help you out, keep this person on speed dial. Often found by word of mouth or recommended by friends, this person will be a helpful resource for those occasions when, for example, you have no idea how to replace the flush valve on your toilet.

There you have it! There are so many things that I could share, but these are my top five! Being a homeowner is one of the best accomplishments and also a lot of work! I not only have to keep up on the inside of the home, but the outside as well. Mowing is fun for me in the summer because I get to work on my tan. Also, there are housing associations that require certain grass lengths and common areas to be maintained by the homeowner as well. Make sure you know your home association bylaws!

Honorable mentions:

If you have a yard, you’ll want to invest in the proper lawn maintenance tools, as well as winter ones for those unpredictable winter months.

Consider the age of your roof and make sure you don’t have noticeable leaks in your ceiling. Also purchase extension gutter connector rainwater drainage pipes; they will allow for better water flow away from your property foundation.

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Jessica Montalvo
Jessica Maria Montalvo has dedicated her life to the diverse field of education for over 19 years. She knows the importance of cultural inclusivity and diversity, equity, and inclusion as a part of what she stands for as not only an educator, but a life-long learner as well. Jessica is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Indiana University, and from Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne with her teaching Certification for Secondary Education. Later she earned a Master of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana Tech in the global leadership program. Her passion for service has translated to her involvement in creative projects which include roles within an original musical theater production about mental illness written by James Wesley Williams, since its full-cast production opening premiere in 2014. She is also a producer for the recent film short, Grummy. Her greatest work of art is when she became a mother in 2020 to her beautiful baby girl, Lara Juliana Montalvo.