As the year winds down, the holidays come into our plans. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many people might know by now what dishes to cook. Thanksgiving is a culturally significant federal holiday for many Latin American countries, with Thanksgiving traditions dating back to the colonial era. In Mexico, Thanksgiving is referred to as Día de Acción de Gracias, and families gather for a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, tamales, and mole. But what happens when one is away from their family? Or friends? What happens on Thanksgiving when you don’t have a loved one around?

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that the holidays shouldn’t have the same level of importance or shouldn’t be celebrated. Even away, celebrating the holidays brings love and warmth through the memories and new experiences created.

Here are some ideas and tips for those away from home or away from loved ones. Perfect if you are looking to keep the celebration intact.

Accept That You Are Not There

The first thing you have to do is accept that you are not there. The mind is strong in melancholy moments, and it doesn’t help to wonder what they are doing or lament not being there. Accept being alone and enjoy the new experience of spending Thanksgiving away from home.

Plan With What’s Around You

Find people you know who don’t have a thanksgiving plan and create one with them. Find people with whom you can have a good time, be it cooking or having dinner. Find a new place wherever you are and start new memories with new people.


Food For The Soul

Enjoy the moment of getting things and preparing a meal that hugs you. If you love to cook, propose to cook dishes that you like! If you do not want to cook, order something you like! For one night, allow yourself to order any food and enjoy it. Both options would be equally important to celebrate.

Call Someone

You can tell your family or friends about your day and plans! Even if you feel sad, you can talk. Talking to someone helps you not feel alone.


If You Have A Big Heart, Help Someone Else

Volunteering is always a good idea if you want to keep yourself busy and help someone else. Wherever you are, there must be an organization that serves community dinners for those who don’t have the opportunity to have one. Volunteering during the holidays is a great option not to think you are alone while helping the community.

Do Something With Yourself

Take the day to do something you’ve always wanted, watch a movie or go for a coffee in that cafeteria you’ve always wanted to go to. Find something you’ve always wanted to do and do it. Whether walking or sitting in a park, find a way to take the day calmly and give yourself tons of love. Enjoy the day with yourself.

Do Not Celebrate It

If it’s too hard for you to celebrate holidays away from home, you don’t need to celebrate them. Take a break from social pressure and take the day as an ordinary day. You don’t need to prepare or do anything for Thanksgiving. You can decide not to celebrate it.

Be Good To Yourself

And the most important thing, be good to yourself. Give yourself love and enjoy the holidays. Holidays can be hard in general and sensitive days for many people; however, it shouldn’t be like that. As said before, accept that you are alone, but it does not mean you do not have anyone with you. There are people who love you, and you will always have you.

From the Wafi Media Team, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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Natalia Arreola
Natalia Arreola is a New Mexico State University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology. She works at El Paso Inc. as Audience Development & Engagement Manger. Natalia has been working on different projects as an editor, including Chrysalis, The Papagayo Project, Memorias del Silencio, and more. Natalia’s goal is to get her master’s degree in either Publishing or Editing to apply to larger publishing companies. And maybe one day, she can publish her own book. Her passion has always been between books and writing to find a way to understand this world and life.