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Caramelo de chocolate

Empápame así

Como un pionono de vitrina

Enróllame así

Con azúcar en polvo, endúlzame

Y es que tú eres mi rey

Qué lindo eres tú, eres mi bebé

Mi bebito Fiu Fiu

If you’ve been on TikTok lately then chances are you’ve heard the words above multiple times. But do you know where this viral sound came from? 


Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra ascended to the presidency after President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned in 2018 amid a corruption scandal. President Vizcarra was then impeached in 2020 due to corruption as well. It was during this time that a Peruvian television show, Panorama, aired pictures of a WhatsApp conversation allegedly between Vizcarra and former Congressional candidate Zully Pinchi.

In the above text messages, Pinchi replies to the messages saying “I love you, I need to give you a hug, you don’t know how much I miss you. You are my baby. You are my king.” Pinchi is also seen replying to a picture of the ex-president with the words “fiu fiu” which are meant to mimic the sound of whistling. Both Pinchi and Vizcarra have repeatedly denied the allegations of an affair.

The Song

The famous Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu was written and produced by Alberto Silva, also known as Tito Silva Music on social platforms. Along with Tito, Tefi C is also responsible for some of the vocals. Silvia drew inspiration for the song from the leaked WhatsApp messages and from Pinchi’s poems, one being “Las Noches que te soñé”, which was allegedly written for ex-president Vizcarra. According to an interview Silva gave the Peruvian show, 24 horas, the song tells a fictional story of a young girl who is in love with their ex-president. 

The original song had millions of streams on Youtube and the TikTok hashtag #mibebitofiufiu has over 1.4 billion views. Today, the song has been removed from Spotify and YouTube. Many alleged that this happened due to a copyrights claim submitted by rapper Eminem (because the song is set to the tune of Eminem’s Stan) but Silva took to his instagram to clarify these rumors, saying that the song was taken down due to its political context and that there had been no copyright infringement. Despite the song being removed for all streaming platforms, different variations of it continue to pop up on TikTok and they continue being the background for a range of videos. 


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The popularity of Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu only goes to show the power of TikTok. Regardless of the context behind a sound, it’s catchy nature is what drives it to the top.

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