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Colombian musician-producer Camilo Sánchez, is releasing his new musical project Monokoi today November 11th. Sanchez is based in Los Angeles and is a member of the audiovisual collective Monitor and guest musician of the Latin GRAMMY® award winning band Diamante Eléctrico. He embarks on a solo path influenced by a universe of sounds and experiences throughout his career; “Abre Los Ojos Y Grita” is the first track of this experimental journey which includes mixing synthesizers from the 80’s, different textures, samples recorded with a cell phone and a bass line that embraces the groove along with the beats. The song was written between the cities of Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, California and it gives a positive message to all the people who suffer from anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts.

“While I was living in Melbourne, I started writing these lyric after meeting someone who told me their stories and how depression was taking over their mind. At that moment I said; when those thoughts come, get out, run, shout and be thankful for everything around. Life has incredible things for all of us, you have to go out and look for them and not give up. A few months ago here in Los Angeles, I saw several messages on the beach that said, your life matters, your life is a song, sing it. Immediately I found the positive ending I needed to the song I was writing. I think sometimes our minds begin to wander aimlessly and not much is said about the reality that surrounds us; those moments may be signals to open our eyes and breathe. Thinking about music I wanted something that invited to dance, to feel the groove, to be alive“. 

Abre Los Ojos Y Grita“, is the first single from Monokoi under the signature of ADA Latin, the Latin division of ADA Warner Music Group Worldwide. The song was recorded, produced and performed by Camilo Sánchez in his home studio in Los Angeles California, mixed by Andrés Rebellón (Ok Reverie, Marina, Salt Cathedral) and mastered by Joe Lambert (Moby, Nicolas Jaar, Sofi Tukker).

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