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This weeks artist spotlight is sophia perez!  She has a powerhouse vocals with a pop-rock-like flair and an R&B sound but is a jazz enthusiast at heart. A native of Miami, Florida, where she was born, a twin to a Haitian father and a Nicaraguan mother, her passion for singing was evident early. At only five years old, she knew she would grow up to follow her dream one day.

In high school, her musical journey started to take root. The little girl who once sang and performed at family functions, the middle schooler who would write songs about anything and everything, as a young woman, strived to see past the naysayers and set her eyes on the pursuit of musical education. Fighting past the insecurities of her musical abilities, she auditioned for the premier institute of music, Berklee College of Music. There is something to say about doing what makes you uncomfortable and getting through the other side of the fear of failure because she was accepted into one of the consistently ranked top 10 American conservatories.

Keep your eyes on her in the next five years, and she will continue to make music that she loves. With the musical influence of Alicia Keys and the legendary Michael Jackson as guides, she is soon to join the Grammy award-winning roster. As the first artist of MiaVa Music, sophia will be a voice to the voiceless and create music that exemplifies her life, her joy, and her faith.

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Website: https://solo.to/sophiaperez

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