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Have you ever gone to the store in your jammies without a shower and you just happen to see everyone you know? It’s like everyone just knew that you would be out shopping on that particular day, at that particular time, and you see colleagues, friends, your cousin twice removed, your ex with his new girl, and your mama! There are some things I just won’t do. Trust me, this mindset comes from experience. I won’t go out in public without my face on. I won’t go out in pajamas to a store. I won’t go out without a shower. It’s a self-care routine that I have become accustomed to, likely instilled by my mother after her constant critique.

As I’ve grown accustomed to a self-care routine, there have been beauty products that I just cannot live without. These products are staples in my home and the people making them are now familia. Latinos are driving growth in the beauty industry. Considering the Latino purchasing power in 2019 was $1.87 trillion. In 2020, Latinos accounted for 1 out of every 6 Americans in purchasing power. U.S. Latino purchasing power has increased by 212% in this decade of which I am a proud contributor. Here is a list of some of the products I use regularly. 

GYV Mesoamerican Beauty – Mango Hand Cream $25 

I have been following Justgyv since this family owned business launched their first products of high end luxurious hand creams and matching candles of their 5 signature scents. I am obsessed with their Mango and Dahlia hand creams; but they all smell amazing and have their own distinct scent. Since their launch, they have expanded and collaborated with actors and artists to create other amazing products. I am very passionate about what this company stands for and am a proud customer. 

Brujita Skincare – Vegan Crema $20

This crema is so silky soft. I use it right before I put on my makeup. It is that primer base for me that helps to calm down any eczema flair ups I may have. There are times I have blotches of dry skin in various areas on my face but this cream helps to keep it soft and moisturized. 

Xol y Luna – Aloe + Rose Hydrosol $17 

EVERYONE needs a good rose hydrosol spray! I use rose water after I get out of the shower every single day. It helps with inflammation and redness from the sun. If you have any skin issue like eczema or even a simple sunburn, spray this on and it’ll help to clear and hydrate your skin. It also leaves a beautiful glow after you apply your makeup. 

Loquita – Whipped Soap (literally any one of them) $12 

The Fresa Whipped Soap is amazing! It is so fluffy and soft and makes your hands smell amazing! She has so many fun items in her shop from bath bombs to soaps and hair sprays; all Latino themed. Her latest collections of Selena and Bad Bunny are really fun! 

JLo Beauty – 3-piece Starter Kit $49.95

I don’t know about ya’ll, but after you hit 40, you want to find something that won’t irritate your skin. I have used Lancome nearly all of my adult life, and after giving birth to my daughter, and after turning 41, I have become intolerant to whatever is in Lancome. So I decided to see how JLo’s products are because this woman is Latina, 52, and glowing! I was literally looking for two items; one – her serum, and two – her hydrating cream, and they are BOTH in her featured starter kit. After one week of using her starter kit, I can officially say that I am hooked. I think her kit is incredible and will continue to use her skincare line. 

Honorable Mentions:

Spiritú – VIP Product Program – FREE!

I LOVE Spiritú! This shop is a female-founded, inclusive community that showcases, shares, and supports projects from all over the world.The Spiritú community features items from Latinx entrepreneurs, creators, artisans, and small businesses. The VIP program sends you various products to try and review for free. Seriously!

Get on the list here: Spiritú VIP Product Program (myspiritu.com) 



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Jessica Montalvo
Jessica Maria Montalvo has dedicated her life to the diverse field of education for over 19 years. She knows the importance of cultural inclusivity and diversity, equity, and inclusion as a part of what she stands for as not only an educator, but a life-long learner as well. Jessica is a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Indiana University, and from Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne with her teaching Certification for Secondary Education. Later she earned a Master of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana Tech in the global leadership program. Her passion for service has translated to her involvement in creative projects which include roles within an original musical theater production about mental illness written by James Wesley Williams, since its full-cast production opening premiere in 2014. She is also a producer for the recent film short, Grummy. Her greatest work of art is when she became a mother in 2020 to her beautiful baby girl, Lara Juliana Montalvo.