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Over the years, baseball has been fortunate to have had so many outstanding, brilliant Latino players. Roberto Clemente, Alex Rodriguez, Rod Carew, Ivan Rodriguez, and Vladimir Guerrero are just a few of the Latin American names on this list.

After the retirements of Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols, we look at a new generation of Latinos who will have an impact in the forthcoming 2023 season. Who do you feel will have the greatest impact in the 2023 season?

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    1. Juan Soto
    2. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
    3. Manny Machado
    4. Julio Rodriguez
    5. Carlos Correa
    6. Ronald Acuna Jr.
    7. Jose Ramirez
    8. Julio Urias
    9. Francisco Lindor
    10. Yordan Alvarez
    11. Nestor Cortes Jr.
    12. Rafael Devers
    13. Fernando Tatis
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