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Imagine living a life that seems blah. Work is blah. Your relationship is blah.

Suddenly you’re involved in a car accident that turns your world inside out, like literally. You have the ability to manipulate time and see different dimensions, along with the  spirit of your dead father. 

All would seem to indicate some sort of psychosis brought on by PTSD… but is it?!

Enter the world of our protagonist; Alma Winograd Diaz, portrayed by Rosa Salazar. Alma is an American born biracial young lady growing up in San Antonio, TX. Her mother is Mexican Born and her father American born of Jewish descent. 

Undone takes us on an animated journey, during its two seasons. We travel with Alma through different dimensions in her family tree, revisiting previous time lines and healing generational trauma. We have insight on her ancestral cultural practices and their migration journeys. This series is not only beautifully animated, it’s a beautiful portrayal of culture and spiritual practices. 

Undone poses Schizophrenia and its symptoms of psychosis under a different light, and questions our understanding of what we hold true. What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that affects everything from how you think to how you feel and behave. It’s a mental health condition that may be caused due to genetics or environmental factors. Delusions, hallucinations or disorganized thoughts are some of the symptoms of the condition.  So as you watch the show and story develop, you often wonder, Is she hearing voices and delusional about her reality, or is she following the voices of our ancestors and experiencing an alternate universe and time dimension?

You go from thinking, Yes..this makes sense, in a physical world where psychosis is her primary diagnosis. 

But you will also question a world where astral projection and time travel is 


You may also question what is real, according to Western beliefs, and what is a Spiritual experience, according to ancestral beliefs?

It’s a sentimental show that made me think critically regarding all I was taught to believe, as well as blew my mind with the accurate cultural representation. 

Undone Season 2 , aired on Amazon Prime Video on April 22, 2022.

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11 shares, 73 points
Cecilia Ortiz