Netflix’s new comedy series The Most Beautiful Flower is a hidden gem that you don’t want to miss. The show follows Mitch played by the amazing Esmeralda Soto, a teenage girl living in Xochimilco Mexico City dealing with the pressures of high school. As a viewer what I found to be very interesting is the various topics that are mentioned throughout the ten-episode series.

If you haven’t watched it yet, this is your warning for spoilers!

Xochimilco culture

The show takes place in a large city in Mexico city which is known for its large colorful, beautiful boats that you’ll see many times throughout episodes. There are two important features of Mexican culture included in the show.

The first is the tradition of Niñopa: which is the most sacred possession of the people of Xochimilco. Every year a family is chosen to take the statue of Baby Jesus in their home and care for it like a real infant.

Next is the beauty pageant La Flor más Bella, which is an important part of the series. The pageant was created as a way to honor the Mesoamerican god of flowers Xochipilli. Now the pageant is recognized as a way to show the beauty of the women in Xochimilco as well as other Latin American countries.

Family relationships

The family dynamic of any series is what many audience members love about any Latin tv series because they can see themselves or their relatives being portrayed on screen. 

What I liked about how they portrayed Mitch’s family in this series is showing the harsh truth, sometimes not everyone in the family gets along. Mitch, is struggling to fit in at school and has to deal with the ongoing antagonization from the school’s queen bee and who is also her cousin Brenda. It’s revealed later on in the series that Brenda is jealous of Mitch and uses her popularity and hostile attitude to cope with her struggles at home.

Self Confidence

After being publicly humiliated, teased, and treated like she’s invisible by everyone in school including her teachers and the principal. Mitch strives to prove everyone wrong, the amount of times that her classmates have teased Mitch for being herself. Her story is one that audience members of all ages should witness because she reminds us all that no matter what anyone thinks of you, you are enough!


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Madison-Taylor Hernandez
Madison-Taylor is a Senior Writer at TodoWafi. She grew up in a Puerto Rican family and is passionate about the culture, music/arts, and literature of the Latin Community. Her hopes for the future are to work for a book publishing company and achieve her dream of bringing stories to life.