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Chupa. Director/writer Jonás Cuarón on the set of Chupa. Cr. Tony Rivetti Jr./Netflix © 2023

Netflix and Mexican Director Jonás Cuarón aim to bring the legend of El Chupacabra to life but with a slight twist.  “Chupa” premiering April 7th will bend your reality as it might unravel what you think you know about this mythical being.  While visiting his family in Mexico for the first time, young Alex comes across a mysterious creature he’s only ever heard about in scary stories. After discovering a young chupacabra in his grandfather’s shed Alex and his cousins embark on an adventure of a lifetime in order to save young Chupa.

The Legend of El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra, a Latin American legend, for a monstrous creature that attacks livestock and sucks their blood.

While we have heard sightings and stories about el Chupacabra throughout Latin America and the Southwest United States, the first mention of El Chupacabra came out of Puerto Rico in 1995.  Most recently there has been a resurgence of El Chupacabra with sightings as recent as January 2023 in Guatemala.

One of the most feared things that go bump in the night was known to decimate a farmer’s livestock.  What made these attacks so notable and ultimately sent the alleged perpetrator into infamy wasn’t the carnage they left behind, no it was what it didn’t leave. Animals were left intact to rot without a single drop of blood.

When the attacks began there was confusion and fear as to who or what could have possibly done this.  That is until the first sightings of those who kept their eyes open long enough to see it.  They described the entity as a hairless dog or coyote-like creature that stood upright on its two hind legs, described to be three to four feet tall with large eyes, fangs, and a forked tongue. As panic grew and the legend of El Chupacabra spread throughout Latin America details might have changed but one thing remained the same it left as fast as it came, always leaving goats, cows, sheep, and other animals of the like behind with not a single drop of blood.

While now infamous enough to become an urban legend of sorts, the stories that were told to children to scare them straight may have long been forgotten if not for its most recent retelling.

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