Galentine’s Day; a day for all of us singles out there making our own traditions and honoring that we are flying solo. 

It’s a day to celebrate the bonds you have with the ones that are closest to you, who know you better than anyone else. Whether it’s your friends, siblings, children, or pets, today is the day to celebrate the love surrounding you.


Single Over 40

This single girl over 40 appreciates Galentine’s Day. It’s a day where there are no expectations put on me to buy into the obligation of posting photos of flowers and chocolate on my Facebook timeline to show everyone that I am loved. 

I guess it’s clear how I feel about Valentine’s Day. It’s different when our toddlers are celebrating Valentine’s Day with their adorable little Trolls or Minnie Mouse Valentine’s cards to hand out to all of their classmates. 

Galentine’s Day has evolved over time for me, simply because not all of my girlfriends are single now. However, when we all happened to be single, we would glam up and take ourselves out to fancy restaurants and drink sake and chow on sushi while just being carefree. 

Being single now consists of having my permanent Valentine be my daughter. Perhaps one day Mr. Right will appear and Galentine’s Day will become a pre-party that will lead to the main event.


Galentine’s Day celebrates friendship

With all the anticipation of the upcoming holiday, it’s hard not to feel lonely. I’m thankful that Galentine’s Day was created because I believe that friendship is one of the most important loves in the world. Friends are there to celebrate your successes, laugh with you and comfort you in times of heartbreak. 

Single at 24

At twenty-four I am still getting to know myself and finding out what I want out of life. I’m focused on starting my career and continuing to build my existing friendships. I’m confident in knowing love will find me when I’m ready. For now, I’m planning on enjoying Galentine’s Day with my friends by having a girl’s night out in New York City!

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