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While celebrating Latina business models, meet Jhaneth Guadalupe Palafox-Lopez. A Latina entrepreneur, mother, and flight attendant from Chicago who followed her passions and started her own company. Jhaneth is the founder of JTEES, a unique t-shirt company that offers original and high-quality designs. She started her business during the pandemic and it has been thriving ever since. 


When Jhaneth started her business in 2020 she bought a small machine to make custom designs but mostly to make onesies for her baby on the way. She posted her first T-shirts on her neighborhood page and began getting orders quickly. Seeing that people were liking her shirts she decided to keep making more and taking the business more seriously, thus creating JTEES. Congratulations to her for coming out of the pandemic with her own business and newborn!  

Since then, JTEES has only been getting bigger and bigger with more sales and milestones. Jhaneth has now added mugs, mouse pads, air fresheners, and most recently embroidery shirts. The embroidery shirts look amazing and have such satisfying detail.

Gaining the recognition she deserves and getting her work and clothes shown in the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Jhaneth’s hard work and commitment have definitely paid off, as she has successfully built JTEES into a thriving business, inspiring others with her entrepreneurial spirit and creative flair.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to complete your outfit or a comfortable everyday tee, JTEES has something for everyone, always taking custom orders as well. Check out some of our favorites Jhaneth has to offer here below, her work speaks for itself.

The JTEES “Amor Eterno” Collection featured in the National Museum of Mexican art in Chicago




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