Internship/Volunteer Opportunities

Wafi Media is accepting applications for various internship and volunteer opportunities. View the different opportunities below and apply!

Who We Are!

Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals that represent many different countries in Latin American stemming from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela  and more.  Each person is given the opportunity to share their vision and work in areas in which they can gain valuable experience to use in the future.

**Please note this internship is unpaid but can count towards academic credit if your university or institution approves and or gain valuable work experience. Strong Recommendations will be provided. 


  • Thorough knowledge of Wafi Medias’ mission!
  • Have a deep sense of commitment to advancing Latino/Latinas rights and culture awareness.
  • Experience with using some computer software.
  • Volunteers a minimum of 5-6 hours per week. Flexible schedules are permitted.

Content Creator

Publicity + PR

Social Media/Marketing

Editorial Writing

Administrative Assistants

Graphic/Video Editing