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We had the pleasure of interviewing Carolina Acosta, a Forbes 30 Under 30 class of 2021 and Founder/CEO of Tragos, a game that is giving a voice to the Latin Community.

Our Special Guest – Carolina Acosta, Founder/CEO Tragos

Carolina, who is first generation American, with parents from the Dominican Republic and Colombia, is a perfect fit for your podcast! Carolina was chosen by Forbes as part of their 30 Under 30 for class of 2021 and we hope you too will find her story, the story of why she created Tragos, and what Tragos is about, interesting enough to feature her on the show.

Studies show that Latinos outpace EVERYONE else in the US in becoming entrepreneurs and Carolina’s story and how she started the business as a side hustle with just $500, and to this day is still fully self funded, will inspire young entrepreneurs, or those thinking about entrepreneurship during this great resignation.

Carolina’s games speak to the collective power and pride of the Latino community, and also serves as a reminder to the “mainstream” that Latinos shouldn’t be a marketing after-thought! I look forward to hearing from you either way! Best, Marisol Cruz Publicist & Partnership Strategist Tragos Game

About Tragos

Inspired by the cultural similarities that unite Latinos, Tragos embraces shared customs and traditions through a fun and simple game. The idea behind Tragos was to create a product that removes the stigma of “not being a Latino enough”, especially for generations born outside of Latin America.

Tragos tries to relate to most Latinos, no matter what country they’re from or how much Spanish they speak. The team is made up of diverse Latin backgrounds. Tragos’ mission is to connect players to their Latino culture and to bring the fun to game nights and get-togethers, be they in person or virtually, while at the same time giving back to communities in need within the U.S. and Latin America.

To date, Tragos has donated over $20,000 to organizations helping with disaster relief, economic aid, and education.

Website: https://www.tragosgame.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tragosgame/

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