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As we get ready towards the conclusion of the “I Choose To Be Healthy” series Babbler and Nutrizzy’s Ryan Munoz talk about the mental progress since starting the program, whats been the biggest obstacle and support system.

In Collaboration with Nutr.izzy

NUTR.IZZY strives to support clients in their effort to achieve optimal health and wellness for better living.

Social Media: @nutr.izzy


Phone (Call or Text): (951)556-9703

Izell Munoz, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist License No. 86007564

Ryan Munoz, Wellness Coordinator

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Rafael Fernandez Jr
Rafael Fernandez, Jr., (AKA The Latin Babbler), is the Puerto Rican/Dominican Founder of Wafi Media and Host of The Latin Babbler Show. He has over 20 years experience in web developement and digital internet media. His love for culture, compassion for his community, humor, and unapologitic approach to talk about complicated topics in the Latino Community have inspired individuals from all parts of the United States and parts of Latin America to join him in celebrating Latin excellence.