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Rafael “The Latin Babbler” Interviews Eli Vazquez to discuss his journey, from growing upo in Chicago, his time as a producer for PeroLike, becoming a a Laliff Fellow, and his new social media brand/Coaching program Self-Hype

Eli Vazquez

Eli Vazquez, is a writer, director, entrepreneur, and digital storyteller. Eli is a producer for BuzzFeed’s Latinx digital brand Pero Like, as well as the founder and CEO of the production company Hype Media House and the social media brand/Coaching program Self-Hype. A proud Mexi-Rican from Chicago, Eli has worked with some of the top digital media companies in the world generating over 500+ million views online. In 2018 he became a fellow in the HOLA Mexico Film Festival’s, Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today program and recently was a semi-finalist for LALIFF/Netflix Afro-Latinx Film Fellowship. Eli’s projects have been seen at such festivals as the Chicago International Latino Film Festival, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, and most recently nominated for multiple awards at the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival. Through Self-Hype, He has worked with clients from around the world in his coaching programs and partnered with fortune 500 companies.

Eli’s mission is to empower people by creating diverse stories on screen and empower people to grow past their limitations in their business and personal lives.

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13 shares, 97 points
Rafael Fernandez Jr
Rafael Fernandez, Jr., (AKA The Latin Babbler), is the Puerto Rican/Dominican Founder of Wafi Media and Host of The Latin Babbler Show. He has over 20 years experience in web developement and digital internet media. His love for culture, compassion for his community, humor, and unapologitic approach to talk about complicated topics in the Latino Community have inspired individuals from all parts of the United States and parts of Latin America to join him in celebrating Latin excellence.