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Growing up you always hear about superheroes and how they are there to save us from danger and to save the world from a threat. Currently, Marvel is a huge contributor to superheroes and villains. Many of the superheroes we have heard about are from the comics or movies Marvel. One thing that is very notable when it comes to these heroes, is there is not a lot of diversity. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a handful of people of color but with more digging and research we have compiled a list of superheroes, villains, and anti-heroes who are Latino. 


America Chavez (Miss America) 

First, on our list, we have America Chavez who made her debut in the new movie Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Her powers consist of being able to jump through the multiverse which in the MCU is something that has not been explored until now. The movie and the comics show different origins for America Chavez. In the movie, it is shown that America did not realize she had this power until she was scared when a bee landed on her follow causing her to lose control and send her moms through the multiverse. The comics on the other hand explain that at the age of 5, America and her sister Catalina were sent to a private island that was used by her mom to cure America and Catalina of Edges Syndrome. Through this experimentation, America began to manifest her powers and used them against her mother’s wishes as Mr. Gales the billionaire who provided the facility became greedy for the power America possessed. 

She soon joined Teen Bridge and Young Avengers before finally going to college at Sotomayor University. America Chavez makes her appearance in America Chavez: Made in the USA (2021) #1, America (2017) #1, West Coast Avengers (2018) #1, America (2017) #5, Vengeance (2011) #1, Young Avengers (2013) #1, and more.  

Anya Corazón (Spider-Girl)

Whether you grew up with the character from watching the movies or reading the comic books Spider-Man is a marvel superhero that is known by all. Over the last few decades, many individuals have taken up the mantle of the masked hero. 

First up is Anya Corazón as Spider-Girl. Anya is half Puerto Rican and half Mexican. She first appeared in the Amazing Fantasy comic series in 2004. Anya received her powers from a spider tattoo that appeared on her body after saving the life of a sorcerer, Miguel Legar. Anya has similar powers as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man including, web-shooting, super strength, speed, and climbing walls. Anya also has some of her own unique powers like camouflage and a blue exoskeleton. Anya’s character has had multiple stand-alone comics in the Amazing Fantasy series; Araña: Here comes the Spider-GirlArana, Arana, Vol. 2: In The Beginning, and Araña Vol. 3: Night of the Hunter. As well as her appearances in other comic series like Spider-Man: Spider-Island Companion, Avengers Assemble: Forgeries of Jealousy, Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse Vol. 1: Electroverse, and recently she makes an appearance in the comic book series Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 2 #1

Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

Next, we have a character that many comic book fans are familiar with, Miles Morales, a biracial teenager gifted with superhuman abilities. Making his debut in the Ultimate Fallout issue number four in 2011. Taking on the role of Spider-Man after the death of his mentor and friend Peter Parker. Like Peter and Anya, Miles possesses superhuman abilities including a new power venom blast. Fans can follow Miles’ story from his solo comic series Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales Vol 1. Miles also made appearances in other comic series like Spider-Verse, Secret Wars, and Ultimate End

El Muerto (The Dead) 

Now we have El Muerto who is rumored to be played by Bad Bunny in future MCU projects. El Muerto is just his superhero name but the person behind the mask is Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez. El Muerto’s ability is said to be passed down from generation to generation. All of the El Muertos are a wrestler and the masks they wore is where the power came from. Juan-Carlos was different, he did not want to continue the legacy and refused to fight El Dorado which is a ritual to become the next El Muerto. 

That being said El Dorado was out to kill El Muerto and after ten years, Juan-Carlos took up the mantel and was ready to face El Dorado. He also was in a charity wrestling match with Spider-man which led to him being poisoned by Spider-man. In the end, the two joined forces as Juan-Carlos was too weak to face El Dorado head-on after the injury. 

El Muerto has made his appearance in multiple Spider-man comics such as Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook, The Astonishing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Derailed, Peter Parker, and Spider-man: Back in Black. 

Hector Ayala (The White Tiger)
Hector Ayala was never looking to be a superhero, he simply was a college student who moved from Puerto Rico and stumbled upon tiger amulets. His ability included transforming into the White Tiger, enhanced strength, and excelled martial art skills. Like any other superhero, it’s not easy, especially at the start. He was the suspect of the death of young Manuel Lopez and soon was attacked by the Prowler who wanted to avenge his death. 

Another main thing these young superheroes have is becoming close friends with Peter Parker and crime-fighting partners with Spider-Man. Sadly Hector and the White Tiger’s life was cut short after being wrongfully arrested for murder and was shot before evidence surfaced to prove his innocence. 

Some of the comics White Tiger appeared in were Marvel Comics Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (1974-1977) Issue # 19, Marvel Comics Spectacular Spider-Man (1976-1998, 2011) Issue # 9, Marvel Comics Spectacular Spider-Man (1976-1998, 2011) Issue # 9, Marvel Comics The Defenders (1972-1986) Issue # 62. 

Luis (Ant-Man)

Luis from the Ant-Man comics is next on our list of superheroes. Although he has no superpowers, Luis showed readers that you can still be a hero even without them. He appeared in the first issue of the Ant-Man comic book series, The Astonishing Ant-Man (2018). Throughout the series, he’s helped Ant-Man on his missions. Actor Michael Pena who played Luis in the Ant-Man films was asked if he thinks his character will ever become a superhero, “you never know with these guys. Most of the actors don’t know what’s going to come about and what’s going to happen in these movies. If we did, we would all be Kevin Feiges, you know?” Marvel is continuously adding new superheroes to the team, maybe Luis will be the next Ant-Man.

Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) 

Roberto de Costa is an Afro-Brazillian whose parents are millionaires and also his mom is an archaeologist. Roberto is a mutant who discovered his power while playing at a soccer match for the school. The opposing team was racially motivated and kicked Roberto to the ground and was brutally beaten without any warning or knowing his power, he unlocked his ability hurling the boy away. 

He later was discovered by Professor X and agreed to receive training and soon joined the team of New Mutants. His ability includes solar radiation absorption, solar re-channeling, FTL flight, enhances strength, enhanced speed, enhanced reflexes, enhances agility, enhanced durability, thermokinesis, photokinesis, thermokinetic concussive/ energy blasts, dark solar plasma blasts, energy absorption, self-sustenance, and fire and heat immunity. 

Some of the comics in which he made an appearance are New Mutants vols. 1 & 3 (1982 — 1991; 2009 — 2012), Fallen Angels (1987), X-Force vol. 1 (1991 — 2001), The Avengers (Jonathan Hickman) (2012 — 2015), New Avengers: A.I.M. (2015 — 2016), etc. 


A new hero that has been added to the Marvel universe is Risque aka Gloria Munoz created by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell. She is a mutant with telekinetic powers, who is also a member of the X-Men team. Although Risque has appeared in various X-Men comics since X-Force #51 (1996). Her character has never gotten the opportunity to have her story told, until recently. Creators Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell have written an origin story for Risque in the new comic Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades. They commented on the story, “With the X-Men expanding their territory beyond Krakoa, we thought Risque would have an interesting point of view on this as both sides of her family (Cuban and Seminole) were oppressed by foreign colonizers,” Sharing stories like these are important for readers, especially those in the Latin community because it shows them that their stories matter. 

Roberto Reyes (Host Rider) 
The next superhero on the list is Roberto Reyes who obtained his power through the possession of his uncle’s demonic spirit, Eli Morrow. Who was the infernal superhero Ghost Rider. At first, he was able to control the spirit and use the powers he was given for good until he met Venom who caused an unbalance. 

His powers include penance kiss, which is the ability to use his tongue to taste his prey’s soul, and if they are deemed unpure, he sucks their soul out and devours it. He can also use his body as a hell charger manifestation. 

He appeared in many of the volumes of Venomverse such as Volume 11, 13, 12, and Edge of Venomverse Volume 13. 

Maya Lopez 

If you’ve seen the Disney plus series Hawkeye, you’re probably familiar with the next hero on our list; Echo. Her real name is Maya Lopez, she is a Cheyenne-Latin American woman with photographic reflexes” that help her defeat her enemies. Though she started out as a villain in her first appearance, Daredevil #9 Maya eventually joined the Avengers and used her powers to help fight evil. In 2021, writer Rebecca Roanhorse created a series just for Maya’s character called, Phoenix Song: Echo (2021) #1-#5, all about Maya and her adventures as she tries to save the world. 

Eva Quintero

One of the many superheroes featured in the new comic Marvel Voices: Comunidades is Eva Quintero. She is a Mexican magician and also a college student. Terry Blas, the writer of Eve’s chapter in Comunidades talked about how he created her, “Part of the creation of Eva’s character was that one of the fastest-growing demographics in the United States is the college-educated Latina,” Creating a Latina superhero who is both smart and who saves the world while attending college classes is inspiring to readers. The character of Eva is something that readers need to be exposed to because it explores the realities of juggling college life. 

Bonita Juarez (firebird) 

Bonita Juarez’s origin is what is considered normal in the Marvel universe, she was a simple girl walking in Albuquerque, New Mexico when all of a sudden she was struck by a huge ball of cold fire that come from the sky. She received the power of wielding a vast amount of energy. Juarez believed the fireball was a manifestation of the American Indian Legend of the Firebird she decided to use this newfound ability to help the people of the Southwestern United States under the name Firebird. 

One important thing to note is Juarez believed that her powers came from God which was proven wrong when she was captured by aliens who explained that the fireball that hit her was a child’s mistake. During this time she was beginning her spiritual journey and adopted the name La Espirita. Even after this information she still believed that God had some sort of responsibility for her power. Juarez’s powers include energy manipulation, flight, firebird manifestation, and immorality. Another ability she has is transportation. 

She has made multiple appearances in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #265, Marvel superhero contest of champions Vol 1 #1, and many in the West Coast Avengers Volum 2 series.



The first villain on our list is Armadillo aka Antonio Rodriguez. He made his first appearance in Captain America #308. Antonio Rodriguez wanted to help his sick wife so he volunteered to be a part of an experiment that would give him superhuman abilities. Little did he know the end result would change his life. “The Process caused the man’s strength to increase drastically, his skin to transform into a tough, organic armored plate, and his hands to grow thick tough claws.” He made a name for himself by taking on the role of the Armadillo. In later years, the Armadillo teamed up with various criminal organizations such as Sinister Sixteen, and HYDRA. Although he’s made bad decisions Antonio eventually turns his life around and decides to join a superhero team called The Rangers, where he uses his abilities for good instead of evil.

La Lunatica

The next villain/anti-hero is La Lunatica. She first entered Marvel in the X-Men comic, X-Men 2099 in 1993. She was born and raised in Mexico until she was abducted by a criminal organization called the Theater of Pain. There they used her mutant abilities to bring out the most painful memories of their victims. With the help of the X-Men team, La Lunatica was able to defeat the Theater of Pain organization. She went on to help the X-Men protect the world from evil. 

Victor Mancha

The last character on this list is Victor Mancha whose story is very interesting to say the least. Unlike the characters we have on this list, he is a hybrid of Ultron and a human. His mom, Marianella Mancha found Ultron who was a petty criminal and former drug mule, she was abile to reconnect Ultron and in helping build Ultron a body, he gave her a child. Victor was given false childhood memories. His brother is also Vision. 

He joined the Runaways and soon the Young Avengers. His abilities included Nanite cybernetics, automated self-repairing, advanced intelligence, photographic memory, and computer interfacing. He is basically like Vision with the human component as a permanent thing. Mancha has made multiple appearances in the Runaways series of comics along with Ant-man Vol 11, and Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever Vol 1 #1. 


Reading these stories that feature characters with superhuman abilities and making each one of them a part of the Latin community is so gratifying to witness as a reader because it shows people that Latin characters are more than just background characters or the funny best friend/sidekick. Marvel comics have attracted readers to their work by showing them that anyone, no matter who they are, or what their story is, can be a hero.

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