Blue Miracle stars Jimmy Gonzales as Oscar Venegas a.k.a Papa Omar and Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade..

This film is directed by Cuban American Julio Quintana, who also co-wrote it.

Cinematography was crafted BEAUTIFULLY by Puerto Rican, Santiago Benet Mari.

He has also worked  on a net based mini series “Discover Puerto Rico with Manuel Lin Miranda.” (Which I highly recommend!)

The scenes and artistry is breathtaking! It’s at times like watching Art in motion….think “Life of Pi”,

Blue Miracle also welcomes new up and coming YA budding stars like;

Young Heart throb Miguel Angel Garcia who plays “Moco”, Nathan Arenas steals the show with his witty and bubbly humor as Hollywood, and the so very adorable and faith inspiring “Tweety” played by Steve Gutierrez.

Honestly, the list goes on and on with names of Latinx actors and movie production cast. It made my little heart beam with pride when the credits rolled!

The movie in itself is a feel-good and faith-inspiring tear-jerker! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

It’s based on a true story that takes place in Cabo San Lucas in 2014. Hurricane Odile destroys the boy’s Orphanage, Casa Hogar, who was already facing perilous financial obstacles.

Papa Omar joins washed up Captain Wade in the annual Marlin fishing competition, “Bisbee’s Black and Blue” for a chance at a First Place cash award, in hopes to save the orphanage. I won’t ruin the story for you, but the story is about a team of underdogs that struggle with Faith, Integrity all while fighting internal battles.

I was a little skeptical at first, hoping that Quaid didn’t portray a White Savior Complex and other stereotypical characters seen in Hollywood, where Latinx characters are portrayed.

I am very happy to report, THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! I read a few other movie reviews that did NOT agree.

They seemed to think it lacked “tension” (insert eye rolling emoji here!)

But, Hey, We the Latinx community ,can and WILL have nice things!

This film is produced by Latinx, “Mucho Mas Media” and I’m excited to see more from them, Latinx and Latinidad in Hollywood. Because frankly, representation DOES matter!

Overall I give this film 4 out of 5 Pupusas! De Queso, pero with Lorocco!

Visit casahogarcabo to see the orphanage’s plan to expand and ways you may donate, if you feel moved to!

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Cecilia Ortiz