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Latina-Owned Small Business Born During Quarantine

Eres Una Maravilla is owned by Paulina Lainez, a proud first-generation Mexican-American. She graduated with her BA and MA in Communication Studies from Cal State in LA. While teaching remotely in 2020, she felt like she needed a creative outlet and started selling digital prints on Etsy, but after a while, she noticed there was a niche jewelry community that was not getting enough love- those who wanted custom hoops made by a small business! Paulina taught herself to make hoops out of wire, to allow for a wider variety of customization, and from there she incorporated other creative mediums such as polymer clay and 3D printed items. 

Bringing Her Culture Into Her Work

Paulina’s mission with her company is to highlight the beautiful Latina/o/e culture she was raised in so that her customers feel not only seen but celebrated for the strong women they are. Eres Una Maravilla means ‘you are a wonder, a marvel’ and Paulina puts that message at the heart of her business with beautiful designs that allow the wearer to express themselves in a way that celebrates the rich history and culture of the Latinx community. 


Writer’s Favs!

  1. Starting off with an Eres Una Maravilla classic, these Custom Hoop Earrings are so beautiful and unique! I love how the wire work is done and how everything, from color to size to wording, is customizable!
  2. These Calavera Studs are absolutely amazing! Ever since I saw them I’ve been wanting a pair for myself! I think the blue is gorgeous and I can only imagine the craftsmanship that went into making the design.
  3. These are another pair of amazing and unique stud earrings! I personally don’t like wearing studs too often because I feel like they’re always too plain, but the Tonatiuh Studs are sure to stand out! The color and linework are so striking! 4. These Arco Iris Crochet Hoop Earrings immediately stood out to me because of the story behind them- each one is made by her mother (and excellently so, I might add)! I love the combination of colors she used and the detail in the crochet!

Eres Una Maravilla offers a plethora of various jewelry to choose from, including necklaces, studs, dangly earrings, and hoops, while offering keychains, and stickers as well! Just about all her products have 5 stars, which makes this company feel like a breath of fresh air with beautiful, hand-made items that are sure to make you proud to be Latina!


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