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Join the Latin Babbler and the crew as they welcome special guest Pamela Rose Rodriguez. A Dominican/Cuban/American (Cubinican) singer/songwriter and actress. We showcase her music and talk about Latin holidays during quarantine as well as culture. Plus the Top 10 Cheesiest Quarantine Jokes!

Pamela Rose Rodriguez

Pamela Rose Rodriguez is a Dominican/Cuban/American (Cubinican) singer/songwriter and actress. She was born in NJ where she shared bunk beds with her grandma who bought her first microphone and was one of the first people to invest and believe in her dream of being a musical artist.

Pamela’s original music is a reflection of the things she is passionate about: love, understanding, unity, and reminding people how amazing they are.
She recently released singles All The Pretty Colors and Full Of That Light that can be found on all streaming platforms.

One of Pamela’s biggest passions is volunteering with Musicians On Call (an organization that brings the healing power of music to the bedsides of patients and has done so virtually during the pandemic).

In addition to new music, another project coming out this year is a short film called Tempus which Pamela not only acted in, but will feature one of her original songs “What Is Time.” Both the song and the film are a reminder of what a gift the time we have is.

Pamela is very grateful and excited to share more music, projects, and moments with all of you. She especially can’t wait to play live music again and hug everyone!

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