Latinos are family-oriented and it is not surprising that they value their relationships with others. So when you make a friend from the Latino community they should not to be taken for granted. Here are 5 perks to Latino friends!

  1. Sense of Familia: Regardless of whether you’re part of the family or not, you will always be treated as such. Ever met someone who calls a family friend Tia or Tio even though they’re not related at all?! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Latinos take you in, welcome you into their home and treat you as a member of the familia. Whether you only come around once or twice, they will always ask about you and keep you en sus pensamientos. 
  2. Sense of Cultura: Latino folks are proud of where they come from and they will show you it anytime. You leave any conversation knowing more about Latin culture. Whether it’s trying a new cuisine, discovering traditional dances or cultural practices, you will always learn something new.
  3. Food: Let’s be honest, the best part of having Latino friends is the food. Latinos cook in large portions making sure to always have enough for surprise guests and leftovers. Not only will you always be fed but the food you eat will always have an immense amount of flavor. I mean, have you ever had a Latin dish with less than 10 ingredients?
  4. Celebrations: Latinos love to party and they throw the best gatherings. Gathering family members from all over, Latin gatherings celebrate Famila and Cultura.
  5. Humor: Let’s be honest, Latino humor is not for the weak. Latinos will pick on you and make your biggest insecurity the punchline of every joke but it’s all in the name of love.

What are your favorite things about having Latino friends??

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Lucia Rios